About Us.

Tasca Studios is a Video Production and Media Agency who's solely focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses grow! Why? Because we have been there and we learned the hard way! We focus our skills to three main components that help businesses grow: video marketing, web design, and local SEO.

It Happened by Accident!


Rodrigo started his career in New York City not by going to film school, but from watching YouTube Videos and taking Udemy courses to fulfill his passion for video while working in the hospitality industry in NYC.  

After two years of freelancing in NYC as a videographer, he decided to return to South Florida to start a video production agency with the help of his sister, without any capital or clients Rodrigo used his parent’s studio to launch his business hence the name “Tasca Studios.”

In 2018 within two years of growing Tasca Studios Rodrigo was featured in Gary Vee’s New York Times bestseller “Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too.” and recently featured in VoyageMIA.

Some of our Current and Past Clients


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